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Pro Leeds Removals is the removals company of choice amongst locals, and it’s easy to see why! We offer exceptional service at a fair price. A stress-free move is guaranteed.
In the removals industry, you can’t beat experience. We’ve been doing this for decades, and that’s how we know all the tricks of the trade! There’s no removal job too large or small for us — we tailor our service to your needs. In Leeds and the surrounding area, we are the team to trust when you’re moving home or office.

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leeds removals customer reviews
I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Leeds Pro Removals. They amazed me on moving day. My house removal took half the time I expected it to, and I didn’t once feel stressed.

Oscar Hobbs
Leeds , UK

leeds removals customer reviews
Whenever I need a man with a van, I call Scunthorpe Removals. They have helped me with all kinds of odd jobs, and they always go the extra mile! Great value for money.

Poppy Farmer
Leeds , UK

leeds removals customer reviews
The value for money that Leeds Pro Removals offers is incredible. Really high quality service and a very reasonable price. I’ll be using you again and recommending the service to a friend.

Eloise Duplessis
Leeds , UK

leeds removals customer reviews
Thank you Leeds Pro Removals. I had no idea how to move my Grandmother’s piano, and I’m so glad I got you guys on the job! It was transported swiftly and safely.

Anthony Mahmood
Leeds , UK

Pro Removals Leeds

For over thirty years, the team at Leeds Pro Removals has provided an excellent and comprehensive removals service in Leeds and the local area. Over that time, we’ve developed a reputation to be proud of, and we aim to keep it that way by providing a consistently high quality service to our valued customers.

When you hire our team, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism. We’re a friendly bunch, but we take our job very seriously. We treat your items as we would want our own to be treated throughout the moving process.

Although you can expect a quick and efficient service that saves you time as well as money, be reassured that we don’t cut corners here at Leeds Pro Removals. Far from it! We are meticulous in our approach and we will always do a little bit extra to ensure full customer satisfaction. 

It’s our pleasure to serve the local community in Leeds. We’re also available for removals in towns surrounding Leeds, so feel free to contact us about any job in the West Yorkshire area. 

Whatever the nature of your job, we’d be happy to talk to you about it and provide a quote. The quote is no obligation, so what’s the harm in finding out? Give us a call today and give us the chance to impress you with our low prices. 

We love Leeds! We’ve been working in the city and surrounding towns for over 30 years now, and in that time we’ve got even more familiar with the place that we call home. If you’re just moving to Leeds, you’re in for a treat! You’re going to love the lifestyle here in this friendly part of the world.

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Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Leeds is commonly known as the unofficial capital of Yorkshire, and it’s easy to see why! There’s so much on offer in the city that it’d take us another 30 years to discover it all.

Did you know that Marks and Spencer opened their first branch in Leeds? That was all the way back in 1884, but the city remains a retail hub. Trinity, Victoria, and the Corn Exchange have an amazing range of stores to suit every taste. If you’ve had a successful day shopping and need help transporting all your items, remember our man and van service is available to you!

Leeds has a rich industrial history. Perhaps you are considering moving your company here to take advantage of the favourable conditions for business. We’re delighted to offer a comprehensive office removals service that we’re certain you’re going to appreciate!

Leeds University is home to more than 30,000 students! With that in mind, it made complete sense for us to design a student removals service designed specifically for their needs. If you’re moving to Leeds for academic reasons, be sure to get in touch with the team at Leeds Pro Removals! Fun fact — JRR Tolkien was once a professor there! 

Whatever your reason for moving to Leeds is, we would be so happy to be part of the process! In fact, welcoming new neighbours to our beautiful city is one of the best parts of our job. Get in touch today!

House Removals Leeds

Who loves to move house? Most people agree that, exciting as the move may be, the process is a pain. Luckily we offer an excellent service, making your move smooth.
House removals don’t need to be a hassle! When you hire Pro Leeds Removals, you benefit from the highest level of service from skilled and experienced professionals. We’ve been in this industry for decades, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we know all the ins and outs of house removals. You simply won’t find a more knowledgeable team to take care of your house move!
Over the years, we have built an amazing reputation in Leeds and the surrounding area: locals in Leeds know to come to us when they’re moving, and we make it oh so easy for them. We don’t just do the heavy lifting, we’re happy to help with the planning too! Every step in the process is taken care of by us — from start to finish. You’ll soon be settled in your new place, and you won’t even have broken a sweat.
Thanks to our years spent in the industry, we know all the strategies to make your house move speedy and smooth. We go the extra mile at the planning stage to avoid any potential delays, meaning you’re fully moved sooner. Our comprehensive service takes in every element of a house move.
Although we’re quick, don’t think we cut corners! Far from it. We treat every customer’s belongings like we’d want our own to be treated. That means meticulous care and attention to detail! Your property is in safe hands when it’s with Pro Leeds Removals. We have the staff, the vehicles, and the equipment to get your Leeds house removal right!

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Office Removals Leeds

A change of premises is an amazing step for a company. Don’t let your move interfere with usual operations, though! Our team takes over to keep it business as usual.
There are so many things to consider when you’re moving office. You need to think about the space required, how your new layout will look, how to transfer your phone and wifi systems, and of course how to perform the move without disrupting your normal business operations. Let us take care of the last part for you! We will input our expertise as early as the planning stage to ensure that your Leeds office removal is as efficient as possible.
Some people think they’re saving money when they get their staff to do the job, but what they’re really doing is wasting time! Surely the first rule of business is that time is money. Your staff are excellent at what they do, but unless they are professional removals experts they won’t provide the service that we do. We perform the highest standard of office removals in Leeds and the surrounding area.
While we work, your staff can run a skeleton operation, keeping your customers happy! Doesn’t that sound like a superior solution? Much better than keeping them busy with dangerous and tiring physical labour that they aren’t trained to perform.
There are many tricky elements to pulling off a successful office removal, but luckily we are experts in our field. You can be assured that your expensive equipment will be treated with meticulous care and attention to detail. We even help you plan your move so that all items are prioritised and you can be set up quickly in your new spot!

Student Removals Leeds

Leeds is a popular city for students, so we designed a service especially for you! We’ll help you get settled in new digs, leaving you to focus on your studies.
When you’re moving away from home to study, you’re understandably very excited! But you may also be a little overwhelmed. After all, there’s a lot to think about. Textbooks, timetables, classes to choose and enrol in, new people, and that’s before you even think about your new place! Why not let the professionals handle that for you? It gives you the peace of mind to focus on what’s really important!
Sometimes students make the mistake of assuming that they can transport everything in their car. They haven’t realised that there are many miscellaneous items to pack that take up significant space. Remember, you’re not just packing for your bedroom. Kitchen supplies are a must, especially when you’re sharing a space. You’ll also need a clothes horse, storage space, and of course all your books!
Have you tried carrying your textbooks yet? Those things are heavy! Don’t risk injury or exhaustion right before you begin your studies. Hire the experts to do the heavy lifting for you! We’ll do it quickly and efficiently, meaning you’re settled in ahead of schedule. Maybe you’re thinking about moving your stuff over multiple journeys. This isn’t a cheaper option, as you’ll still have to pay out on petrol.
Start your studies feeling relaxed and prepared. Hire the team at Leeds Pro Removals to manage your student removals in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We’ll make light work of your Leeds student removals! Don’t leave half the stuff you need at home. Let us take everything you need in one easy journey!

Piano Removals Leeds

When you’re moving a piano, you need the experts! Don’t be fooled — this isn’t just a heavy lifting job. It’s sensitive work. Make sure you hire experienced professionals, like us!
Sometimes people think it’s funny that piano removals are their own niche in the removals industry. If you don’t know much about the instrument, you may think it’s simply another heavy lifting job, just like lifting furniture. However, moving a piano is a very delicate procedure. Despite their weight and bulk, they’re very sensitive instruments, and they can be easily damaged.
That’s why we’d always recommend that you hire removals experts while moving a piano in the Leeds area. We’re skilled and experienced in this field of work. We’ve moved pianos of all sizes and types, and we know how to protect this instrument throughout the moving process. If you value your piano, don’t take chances on an amateur job!
Pianos aren’t easy to move in tight spaces or around corners. Luckily, our team has the equipment to do so with ease! In our decades of performing piano removals in Leeds, we’ve refined our technique to move them as safely and efficiently as possible. Your piano will be transported to its new location without accident or incident when you hire our meticulous and attentive team!
When you decide to move a piano yourself, you don’t just risk damaging the instrument. You also risk harming yourself and causing damage to your property. We’re extra careful as we transport pianos, ensuring that we don’t scratch walls or floors while we work. Cut corners and you may very well end up regretting it! A shoddy piano removal will cost a fortune to put right. Best to hire the professionals from the start!

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Furniture Removals Leeds

We can move any kind of furniture wherever you need it! Tight corners, stairs, awkward corridors — no problem for us! Call the experts when you need help with furniture removals.
When you need a professional, convenient, and affordable furniture removals service, you need Leeds Pro Removals! We’ve been performing removals for decades now, and we have all the skills and knowledge that you’d expect. When you hire us, expect the very best in staff, equipment, and vehicles.
No matter what furniture you need moved, we will be on hand at your request! Don’t worry if it’s a mammoth job or a relatively small one, either way we will treat each detail with attention and effort. You’ll be delighted by how easy we make furniture removals of all kinds!
Maybe you want to move garden furniture, a sofa, a desk, or even a bed. We have developed a range of strategies to ensure that every piece of furniture you can imagine is transported safely and efficiently. Don’t risk damage by stuffing furniture into your car. Let us take care of it appropriately.
Don’t worry if the space is a little tricky either! Maybe you need us to negotiate stairs, handle tight corners, or squeeze down narrow hallways. Even more reason to contact the experts. Whatever the job is, we’re sure it’s nothing we haven’t seen before!
Feel free to contact us at the last minute if you need some help moving furniture in Leeds and the surrounding area. We will strive to meet your request! Many customers return to us time and time again for their furniture removals — especially people who like to buy and sell online! If that’s your situation, be sure to call us and see how we can make this business smoother for you.

Man Van Leeds

For any and all odd jobs, a reliable man and van service is invaluable. When you hire ours, you get more — an experienced removals professional at the same affordable price!

Man and van services are eternally popular, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a convenient solution to the many odd jobs we come across on a routine basis! Our man and van service is in a league of its own, however. When you hire us, you don’t just get any man and van — you get a team member who is experienced in all aspects of the removals industry. It’s the same great price for a super special service!

What do you need a man and van for? Over the years, it’s hard to think of a job we haven’t helped out with! Maybe you need help transporting resources to your house as you renovate. Maybe you have items to be taken to the dump. Maybe you ordered something online, and now you need a service that will collect it for you. Or maybe you’re the one selling online, and you need us to transport your item to a customer. We’ll be happy to help you out, no matter what the job is. 

A Leeds man and van service is perfect for performing light removals in the local area. We’re often asked to help customers move house, especially those that live alone. It’s worth it to get an extra pair of hands on moving day! Remember, we don’t just do heavy lifting. Our skilled staff will be happy to help you assemble or deconstruct furniture as required. Your move will be amazingly easy if you contact Leeds Pro Removals and request our popular man and van service!

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